Fruiti Pops contain natural ingredients such as fresh fruit and cream. Our bars are preservative-free and available in a variety of flavors.



Our cream-based line is made with a special ice cream mix for a rich creamy flavor that is almost like eating ice cream on a stick.

Our cream-based flavors include:

Coconut- Strawberry – Vanilla – Mango – Banana – Walnut – Pina colada – Mamey – Chocolate – Arroz(Rice pudding) – Bubble gum – Cappucino – Pistachio – Guava


Water Based Pops


Our water-based line is fat-free and made with fresh fruit and fruit juices to ensure the best flavor.

 Our water-based flavors include:

Strawberry – Pineapple – Watermelon – Lime – Lemon – Jamaica (Hibiscus) – Tamarindo – Coconut – Pepino con Chili (Cucumber & Chile) – Cantaloupe – Mango con Chili (Mango & Chile)


Several of our flavors may be unfamiliar, but since the introduction of these flavors we have gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback. We encourage you to try them for yourself!