Fruiti Pops has been owned and operated by the Aguado family since 1980.  Over the years, our strong commitment to high quality for the best possible value has gone undiminished.  We use only the finest ingredients to make our fruit bars, and we are constantly seeking methods to enhance our product.  Each bar comes individually wrapped in an attractive package.  The simple,  yet colorful design comes with each flavor clearly stamped on the wrapper.

     Because of our vast selection of flavors, our product appeals to a varied cross-section of the consumer population. Our fruit bars are a healthy and refreshing snack alternative. For parents concerned about their children’s intake of junk food, we suggest our fruit bars for their natural ingredients, which include fruit and cream, yet exclude preservatives. Of particular interest to those who are health or weight conscious are our water-based flavors which are fat free.

     Some of the flavors we produce may be unfamiliar to some consumers, but since the introduction of our many tropical and international flavors, we have received an exceptional amount of positive feedback.  In fact, these flavors rise in popularity every year!  Of course, we are always experimenting with other flavors and tastes when we find that there is a market for them.

      Fruiti Pops is an efficient enterprise, which is ever expanding, and still it maintains the care and attention of a “Mom ‘n’ Pop” type business.